The Koi Dragon


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time a lonely boy named Kai lived in a remote mountain village, surrounded by deep mossy forests. He was the only child in the village, and he longed for other children to play with.

Kai loved to ask questions. “Why is the grass green? How does it feel about being green?” And on and on he would ask, until the adults shooed him away.

He would often ask about children, for he had seen no other in all of his seven years. “Are children all so skinny as me?” he asked one day. “Do they all have green eyes and hair the color of coal? Do they also have black marks on their arms?” (For he had come into the world with curious birthmarks.) “Can they do this?” He stuck out his tongue and crossed his eyes.

“Off with you,” they said. “Can’t you see we have work to do?”