Podcast Round-up: Comics, Illustration, Picture Books, Storytelling

Painting alone in the studio all day, can be quite lonely (even with an adorable studio dog like Zelda) so I love to put on a good podcast while I'm working. Below are the ones I go back to time and time again, organized roughly by topic.

I think of all these folks are my virtual studio mates and I'm incredibly grateful for the shows they produce.

I will update this list as I find new ones. Enjoy!

If you have a favorite art/illustration/wriitng/creative podcast that I haven't included, please share it in the comments below.



Lean Into Art

Jerzy Drozd and Rob Stenzinger "think hard about visual storytelling so you will too." I enjoy how they dive deep into the topic at hand. Great for some introspective thoughts on complex issues. Awesome to listen to while making art of any kind.


Comics Coast to Coast

Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan, and Matthew Ducharme do weekly interviews with comics creators and other illustrators. Their banter and questions always lead to entertaining shows. Also great for discovering new comics/artists!


Make it Then Tell Everybody

Dan Berry interviews mostly alternative comics folks in his charming British accent. I especially enjoy when they get nerdy about the creative process and his infamous question "where do you get your ideas from?"



Coffee Table Comics

Jason Brubaker, creator of Sithrah and ReMind, does a lot of "talk while working" style video casts, sharing his process and inspirations. He's a great listen while you too are working in your studio.



Jake Parker

Prolific comic and children's book creator shares his wisdom, insight, and practical tips on creating. I especially enjoy his ideas on productivity (not to mention the stunning example he sets!)




Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Dr. Pizza puts the pep in your illustration step with his upbeat introspections, encouragements, and interviews with other creative professionals. Leans more toward illustrative graphic designers but no less relevant to other disciplines.


Will Terry

Old hat children's illustrator, co-founder of SVS Learn online school, speaks with hard won wisdom on a variety of relevant topics for students, new professionals, and others in the illustration trenches.


One Fantastic Week

A weekly web show where fantasy illustrators Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal interview others in their industry. They have a particular knack for the business of illustration, which makes them an invaluable listen for us less business minded art types.



Round Table Podcast

Authors offer up story works-in-progress for suggestions, critiques, and discussion. Really gets the mental story cogs turning. The best episodes are where the work is fairly unfinished, the author is open to new ideas, and those ideas start flying from all corners.


Writing Excuses

Professional fantasy writers, such as Brandon Sanderson, speak about a themed writing topic. I only wish these were longer than 15 minutes!


Odyssey Writing Workshop

Not really a podcast, but they will periodically offer up lecture excerpts by professional authors, which can be extremely insightful.



Out on the Wire

Storytelling from a journalistic perspective. It uses the format of a hero's journey to talk about the process of writing stories.



Story Wonk

Alastair Stephens and Lani Diane Rich have many an articulate discussion and analysis of books, movies, tv shows, and other story-driven media. Alastair's Scottish accent doesn't hurt either…




All the Wonders

Matthew Winner, who sounds precisely how you'd expect the kindest elementary school librarian in the world to sound, interviews authors, illustrations, and author-illustrators of children's books. His warm manner and great questions make for some wonderful discussion.



Author-Illustration Nick Patton interviews other authors and illustrations in the realm of children's books. I like how he asks very illustrator-ly questions of his guests! (Now part of All The Wonders)


Publishers Weekly PW KidsCast

Though these podcasts are sponsored by various publishers, the resulting conversations feel very natural and are quite interesting. I especially love these for the interviews with middle grade authors.