Narnia Book Cover

For many years now I've wanted to create an fan work to honor of one of my most beloved fantasy series. Narnia was my earliest foray into fantasy. My parent's read The Chronicles of Narnia aloud to my siblings and I for many years before we could read ourselves. Later, I was absolutely swept away by the 1988 BBC production, watching it many times throughout my childhood.

Here we have my fan cover for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Re-reading the book, it was hard to decide what elements to include on the cover -but, ultimately, I felt that the biggest emphasis should be on the four siblings. It was equally important to show the wintry magic of Narnia in the surroundings. The one aspect I did take liberties with was the children's coats. Technically they should all be wearing oversized fur coats (taken from the Wardrobe) -but I really wanted to show them in more eye-catching colors and styles from the 1940s to emphasize that they come from our world.

(Logo used for mock-up purposes only. I did not create it nor do I claim any ownership of the property.)