Butterfly Magic

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after the chaos of an international move over the holidays (back from Germany to my home state of Virginia), followed by house hunting. After an amazing three-year-stint aboard in Southern Germany, chalked full of European travel, historic sites, international friends, and incredible food, my husband and I felt it was time to head home -to be closer to our families and move onward to our next life adventure. I will never forget my time spent abroad, nor the awesome friends I made, and I want to continue traveling to other parts of this beautiful world.

I'm now mostly settled into my lovely new home studio -except for wall art- always such a hard decision for an artist! Photos of my new studio space to follow soon!

So: Butterfly Magic. This one popped up when I was doodling around for ideas for a spring promotional piece. I thought it would be neat to do more images in the vein of "Firefly Magic" ...as I could eventually see a small series of magical encounters of kids with critters.

As always, a tremendous thanks to my critique groups and art friends for their great feedback along the way!

I've included several detail shots and a quick animation of the steps. I do want to note that this was created at a nice big resolution of 24" x 36" @300 dpi for making some huge crisp art prints.

If you like this image you can now BUY A PRINT! Thanks so much.