Sorcerer's Apprentice

I'm sharing another brand new portfolio piece. The genesis of this was the idea of a magic pot boiling over because it was left unattended -with explosive results. Who better to neglect the caldron than a sleepy apprentice boy (they always seem to take the blame for these things). I assume this young man was left by his sorcerer master to stir the magic potion and didn't do a very good job of it. It's so warm and comfy by the fire and dogs are so snuggly...

I was thinking of this as a "middle grade" style book cover piece so it follows a book cover-ish composition, placing the main subjects and focal area in the lower third and allowing plenty of top space for titles, etc.

My biggest takeaway from this painting was a reminder to use the texturing option of brushes more in Photoshop. So great for giving some tooth to wood or stone!

Below I've included a few close-ups as well as another quick animation of the key steps involved in painting this. (I even included the thumbnail sketch which is the only part done with traditional media.)