Fox Stairs

New art! This piece was inspired by my fascination for dreamlike imagery -stairways to the stars, free-standing doors, multiple moons- combined with a love of foxes.

The red bibs of the foxes came specifically from the kitsune (fox) statues that are present around the shrines and temples of Japan. (See the photos at the end for some photos I took of these while traveling there!)

Some of the photos we took of kitsune statues while traveling in Japan in 2018.

Lantern Cat

It’s been a busy summer prepping for DragonCon so-far. Though I have found time, between ordering supplies and framing things, to finish a new piece…

Lantern Cat combines my love for “magical” flying lanterns with my fascination for giant versions of common animals/pets. This piece features a blue British Shorthair cat for the monk’s feline companion.



Triton's Trumpet

I finished a brand-sparkling-new painting just in time for Summer Solstice (today). This one definitely celebrates some bright sunshine.

My favorite aspect of this was getting my hands on one of these shells. It’s quite helpful to have the real thing in front of me for reference as I paint.

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Sand Dollar

New art! Sand Dollar is a continuation from Aegean Princess. I'm doing a series of peaceful children drifting the seas on various nifty shells and other related sea life. For Sand Dollar I was aiming for the feeling of calm amidst the swell of the ocean's waves. I wanted to ocean to have a dynamic feel, though not overly ominous or harsh and in contrast this girl and her sand dollar are at peace, riding the waves rather than fighting them.

I’m looking forward to exploring more in this series soon!

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ImagineFX Feature!!!

I am over-the-moon to be featured in ImagineFX Magazine Issue #169 (January 2018) and Issue #170 (February 2019). As a long-time subscriber to their magazine (since issue #37 !!!), I have enjoyed their beautiful art sections, thoughtful articles, art tips & tricks, and reviews for many years. As I could easily have them shipped to me in Germany too, they were one of the few constants throughout my time abroad.

One of my favorite sections has always been the “Arist in Residence” section which is an in-depth article written by a chosen artist about their working space, complete with numerous photos. Over the years I’ve enjoyed a peak into the studios of so many artists that I admire. I just never dreamed that it would be my turn to share… but here it is! Thanks so much to the staff of ImagineFX for giving me this opportunity.

Some background on how this happened:

A few months ago, while traveling in Japan, I was surprised by an e-mail from Daniel at ImagineFX. I had re-submitted some of my digital artwork for their FX Pose section some months before (as it had been many years since my art first made an appearance there) but hadn’t previously heard anything on that front. In this particular message Daniel said that, while reviewing my art submission, they’d also noticed my studio setup and wanted to know if I’d be willing to write a piece for their “Artist in Residence” feature. I, of course, said yes and (upon getting back from Japan) got straight to work on it.

Below are a few photos of the article and art feature.

Winter's Procession

Happy 2019! I feel like I have just come out of my holiday hubbub/hibernation. I actually started this image about a week before Christmas. But, life being what it is, didn’t find the time or energy to put the finishing touches on until today.

Following in the (branchy) footsteps of my older piece Celestial Gift, this is another painting where the trees have come alive. In a mix of peaceful solemnity and eeriness, they are parading through the winter forest with candles, unseen by mankind until a small girl on pony-back just happens to stumble across them.

Enjoy! As always, if you love this image you can buy a print at my ETSY SHOP.

Bonus: at the very bottom of this post are a couple photos from the real-life snowstorm that happened during the painting of this piece.

Koi Dragon

A new piece for the tail end of summer -with temperatures like these, I'd love to take a dip in a cool hidden pool!

A small boy visits with a magical koi dragon in a hidden pool. Thousands of koi fish spiral and swirl in the cool watery depths below, weaving around the dragon's flowing tail. What are they speaking of? Why do golden koi leap from the boy's bowl?

This piece was inspired by the idea of a hidden pool deep in an Eastern forest. I wanted the contrast of warm sunlight as well as cool shade. The dragon evolved as the work progressed to arrive at the very koi-inspired design below. I also added numerous actual koi fish around this point to give a better sense of balance and context for the Dragon. I also created many custom  brushes for moss, vines, lily pads, and koi fish as I was making this.


Poppy Lullaby

A young singer enchants sparkling amethyst crystals with her lovely lilting lullaby before sending them to children on distant worlds. Owl helpers awaken and gather to start their night's work delivering gems to very special recipients.

This piece was inspired by a number of starry long-shutter-speed photos I came across of poppy fields. I simply fell in love with the colors and had to do a character and setting that incorporated them. Going into this I was aiming to make a sister piece to my 'Sunflower Wish' image, so I knew I wanted a small human figure amongst giant flowers. Other bits of this singer's story came to me as I was noodling around with the particulars of the detail. And, yes, in rather an abstract way there is a nod to the Crystal Singer sci-fi books that I loved so much growing up.

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Strawberry Witch

A serene Strawberry Witch practices her sweet magic in a wild woodland berry patch. Three curious fawns investigate as the magical fragrance swirls and shimmers around her glowing bouquet.

This image comes from a lifelong love of strawberries. Since I was tiny my yearly birthday ritual has always been angel food cake and fresh sliced strawberries topped with freshly whipped cream.



The boy awoke to the pounding of rain on the tin roof. His mother buttoned his yellow rain slicker and sent him sloshing and slogging his way to school. He was determined to have the worst day ever -until he noticed the curious drops of light falling all around him…

Starfall was inspired by a number of great rainy photographs I'd collected over some months and a longing for something other than the windy, dry, pre-spring weather we've been having here. The image of a young boy who catches a falling star in his rain hat came to me as I was brainstorming and doodling in my sketchbook.

Love it? Buy the print: HERE.


Snowberry and Hare

Princess Snowberry explores the snowy forests of her realm astride her mighty snowshoe hare. Her tiny bunny subjects hop from the underbrush carrying fresh evergreen boughs to lay at her royal feet. Smiling, she uses her magic to shower them with a gift of fresh lingonberries.

This image was inspired by a fascination since childhood with "regular animals" large enough to ride. Who doesn't want their own fluffy giant snowshoe hare?  I'd also been wanting to create an image for some time featuring bright red berries against cold white snow.

Love it? But the print: HERE

Cup o' Kindness - Animation

Yesterday I saw a super awesome animated illustration done by Art Director Goro Fujita, whose work I follow on Instagram. He was kind enough to share that he had created it with a iOS program called Werble.

My curiosity peaked, I downloaded the Werble App and spent the morning playing with it. Below is my first "Werble" animation using my recent winter illustration "Cup o' Kindness" ...I just love how a few touches of motion bring it to life even more vividly. Expect more of these in the future!


Cup o Kindness Animation

Sunflower Wish

Bringing a little summer to you in the midst of winter...

In going through my art files from 2017 I realized I hadn't finished this one! So I dusted it off, envisioned a new main character (I'd been having trouble getting the previous characters to work), and spent this week taking it to final. This little wishful girl works perfectly for the mood I wanted.


If you like this image, you can buy a print: HERE.


IX 2017

Hello All,

I am back from IX 2017. What a trip!

This was the 10th anniversary for this event, created and run by intrepid co-founders Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire. For those not familiar with IX, it is a gathering of world-class fantasy artists from around the globe... who all converge on little Reading, Pennsylvania for a long weekend of crazy amazing fantastical art.

Given that I hadn't been there since IlluXcon 2 & 3, I had much catching up to do. First off, I was one of 130 lucky artist to snag a Showcase table -as these literally sold out in minutes! So I came prepared with a table display to show off my wares for Friday and Saturday evenings. As I hadn't tabled in years, it was a bit of a scramble to figure out "how do I table again?" But I think I got a decent display together in the end. I was certainly glad that I chose a pop-up banner as my backdrop rather than pro panels or other more elaborate setups (though, don't get me wrong, these looked great from other artists!) as my table setup and tear-down was super smooth. No little thanks owed to my husband and "art roadie" Chris.

I spent the lead-up to the Showcase nights, hanging out at the Main Show, ogling at the gorgeous original oil and acrylic paintings for sale from some of the biggest names in my industry. I was also lucky enough to receive advice and encouragements from many of these kind and generous folks. I actually didn't find time to make it to any of the seminars or classes this year, but from what I heard they were useful and interesting to those who did.

Fast forward to Friday night, first night of the Showcase. 5:15pm we loaded our plastic crates from the car to the ballroom and joined the bustle of other artists who were setting up shop. By 6:00pm we were all setup and ready to duck out for a quick bite before the madness. 8:00pm we were back at the table and ready for the doors to open.

Night #1 was a frenzy of people and art. I'm grateful to for Chris' help manning the table, as it allowed me to do some laps around to see all of the other artists and amazing art. My highlights there were getting to buy some prints from other artists whom I admire. My favorite purchase was a set of three space owl prints from Melissa Gay. The night flew by in whirlwind of socializing, sales, and so many kind words from the people who stopped to chat. It was wonderful to have such great booth neighbors namely: Benjamin Davis, Christine Skelly, and Jeszika Le Vye, all of us super different styles, but by the end of our time together we felt like art family.

Night #2 was a bit lower key from a crowd perspective. The highlights for me were visits by illustration masters: Donato Giancola, Dave Seeley, Scott Fischer, and Howard Lyon. All of whom had generous advice and encouragement to offer. The final cap on the evening was winning a gorgeous framed girl and owl print from neighbor Jeszika Le Vye in a mailing list drawing she was doing. The night ended in a mixer in the hotel lobby that may have included Jon Schindehette as a banana, zombies, and other costumed shenanigans. After this amusing and fitting wrap-up we headed to bed feeling like zombies ourselves.

The next day we bid our farewells and packed up the car and started the 3-hour drive back to Northern VA, exhausted but satisfied. I feel energized for a full year to come. There is no doubt in my mind that IX is where it is at for sheer enthusiasm and community in the realm of fantasy and science fiction art. Until next year!

Photos from the event:

From Acorns

Glowing new art for fall:

A young Healer arrives too late to save a dying acorn being. Golden sunlight bathes the enchanted mushroom forest scene as she witnesses its death and rebirth in the form of a fragile new sprout. After all, oak trees come from acorns…

This piece actually started out as a more lighthearted "girl romping in the forest discovers a mushroom castle" and then evolved into a very different image. Part inspired by tragedies in current events, part by other's losses this season. The idea here was to show hope and growth and rebirth arising from death. I also really enjoyed painting theses little acorn beings with their luminous eyes and expressive bodies.

You can buy a print HERE. Thanks!

Blossom Spirits

This new spring piece serves as a long awaited follow-up to my other cherry blossom piece, Dragon Blossom. In this painting I really wanted to play with focus and depth of the ancient tree. I also had a lot of fun arranging the swirling petals and magic to dance and lead the eye around. The story with the sandal evolved as I was painting. Enjoy!

If you love this piece please BUY A PRINT! Thank you.


Aegean Princess

This piece is a celebration of a travel memory for me. A few years back (when we lived in Germany) I had the pleasure of traveling to Greece, specifically to the islands of Milos and Santorini before heading down to Western Crete. What stuck with me most vividly was the pervasive and incredible quality to the light there, especially it's interplay with the white-washed traditional stone housing and the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean sea.


If you'd like a big, beautiful, print of this image, you may BUY ONE HERE. Thanks!

Little Sprout

A little piece I did to celebrate the almost beginnings of Spring. I'd been itching to do a piece that made cute "monsters" out of sprouts for some time... In this one I especially enjoyed creating the Little Sprout sitting in the girl's hand. I also had fun playing with various textures for the sprouts and leafy bits.

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Podcast Round-up: Comics, Illustration, Picture Books, Storytelling

Painting alone in the studio all day, can be quite lonely (even with an adorable studio dog like Zelda) so I love to put on a good podcast while I'm working. Below are the ones I go back to time and time again, organized roughly by topic.

I think of all these folks are my virtual studio mates and I'm incredibly grateful for the shows they produce.

I will update this list as I find new ones. Enjoy!

If you have a favorite art/illustration/wriitng/creative podcast that I haven't included, please share it in the comments below.



Lean Into Art

Jerzy Drozd and Rob Stenzinger "think hard about visual storytelling so you will too." I enjoy how they dive deep into the topic at hand. Great for some introspective thoughts on complex issues. Awesome to listen to while making art of any kind.

Comics Coast to Coast

Brian Dunaway, Joel Duggan, and Matthew Ducharme do weekly interviews with comics creators and other illustrators. Their banter and questions always lead to entertaining shows. Also great for discovering new comics/artists!

Make it Then Tell Everybody

Dan Berry interviews mostly alternative comics folks in his charming British accent. I especially enjoy when they get nerdy about the creative process and his infamous question "where do you get your ideas from?"


Coffee Table Comics

Jason Brubaker, creator of Sithrah and ReMind, does a lot of "talk while working" style video casts, sharing his process and inspirations. He's a great listen while you too are working in your studio.


Jake Parker

Prolific comic and children's book creator shares his wisdom, insight, and practical tips on creating. I especially enjoy his ideas on productivity (not to mention the stunning example he sets!)



Creative Pep Talk Podcast

Dr. Pizza puts the pep in your illustration step with his upbeat introspections, encouragements, and interviews with other creative professionals. Leans more toward illustrative graphic designers but no less relevant to other disciplines.

Will Terry

Old hat children's illustrator, co-founder of SVS Learn online school, speaks with hard won wisdom on a variety of relevant topics for students, new professionals, and others in the illustration trenches.

One Fantastic Week

A weekly web show where fantasy illustrators Pete Mohrbacher and Sam Flegal interview others in their industry. They have a particular knack for the business of illustration, which makes them an invaluable listen for us less business minded art types.


Round Table Podcast

Authors offer up story works-in-progress for suggestions, critiques, and discussion. Really gets the mental story cogs turning. The best episodes are where the work is fairly unfinished, the author is open to new ideas, and those ideas start flying from all corners.

Writing Excuses

Professional fantasy writers, such as Brandon Sanderson, speak about a themed writing topic. I only wish these were longer than 15 minutes!


Odyssey Writing Workshop

Not really a podcast, but they will periodically offer up lecture excerpts by professional authors, which can be extremely insightful.


Out on the Wire

Storytelling from a journalistic perspective. It uses the format of a hero's journey to talk about the process of writing stories.


Story Wonk

Alastair Stephens and Lani Diane Rich have many an articulate discussion and analysis of books, movies, tv shows, and other story-driven media. Alastair's Scottish accent doesn't hurt either…



All the Wonders

Matthew Winner, who sounds precisely how you'd expect the kindest elementary school librarian in the world to sound, interviews authors, illustrations, and author-illustrators of children's books. His warm manner and great questions make for some wonderful discussion.


Author-Illustration Nick Patton interviews other authors and illustrations in the realm of children's books. I like how he asks very illustrator-ly questions of his guests! (Now part of All The Wonders)

Publishers Weekly PW KidsCast

Though these podcasts are sponsored by various publishers, the resulting conversations feel very natural and are quite interesting. I especially love these for the interviews with middle grade authors.