I am happy to help with your fantasy illustration needs. I offer many different types of book illustration and design, as well as art and asset creation for apps and games. Please get in touch!

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If contacting me about a potential project, it would be great if you could address the following:

  • Basic overview of the project, including genre.
  • Number of images needed.
  • Finish style for images (sketch, shaded line art, colored line art, fully painted, etc).
  • Complexity - number of characters and detail level of backgrounds.
  • Usage rights desired.
  • Project time-frame.

Services Offered


Custom Book Covers - full color custom painting based on the content of your manuscript.

Interior Illustration - images to accompany interior text. Choose from a range of shaded and line-art styles.

Chapter Headers - small vignette or single item/object drawings to help add visual interest to chapters.

Maps - custom fantasy map creation for chapter books and games.

Picture Book Art - full color picture book covers as well as interior scenes and spreads.




Cover Text Design - author and title text design for covers.

Jacket Design - full book jacket design and layout.

Picture Book Design - layout and design for children's books.

Illustrative Logo Design - logos focused around illustrations.

Apps & Games

Game Asset Creation - creation of art assets for use in finished games.

Game UI - creation of eye-pleasing menu and other in-game icons and navigation.

Sprite Animation - creation of basic animation for use programmatically in-game.

Concept Art - character, item, and environmental designs.


I look forward to hearing from you!